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Graphic warning: domestic ducks/geese injured at local ponds

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Hard to look at, but the harsh reality of domestic ducks and geese dumped at local ponds. These domesticated animals need humans care. We must fix this systemic problem. Farm stores need to special order in babies, rather than allow impulse shopping. Online ordering by the public needs to stop.

An injured duckling at Clinton Pond. Partially blind, she was attacked by a predator, also suffering from botulism.

A domestic goose dumped at Layton Park Pond already injured. She had an abscessed predator bite on her wing. It eventually popped and this is what was on display for everyone to see.

Fishing injuries are a huge problem for domesticated animals at local ponds.

This young Rouen not even a year old had a fishing line wrapped around her leg. She had to be euthanized.

This older Rouen suffered a leg injury. She also had to be euthanized.

This magpie duck had a fish hook embedded in her cheek.

This domestic goose has a fishing hook embedded into its bill, line, and sinker attached.

This Khaki Campbell has a fish hook stuck in her mouth/throat. You can see the line and sinker hanging from her bill.


Domestic ducks and geese need to have food and clean water daily. During nice weather months, many people go to the ponds to feed the ducks. But when the weather is bad the ducks start starving.

Dozens of dumped domestic ducks eating at Steed Pond in Clearfield.

So hungry, they will eat out of your hand and get aggressive with anyone with food.

Dumped domestic geese at Barnes Park in Kaysville.

They may look like wild ducks. But these are Rouens, bigger than a mallard, these are domesticated ducks.

A newly dumped giant pekin at Jensen Park in Syracuse trying to get the hang of dumped life.

Predator attacks

Domestic ducks are bred as meat or egg-producing animals. They cannot fly and therefore are susceptible to predator attacks. When the water is frozen over they have nowhere to go, they can't dive or fly away. This is not "nature" as these ducks shouldn't even be there.

A domestic goose injured by a predator bite on her wing.

Those with red dots are domestic ducks with nowhere to go as an eagle takes one of them for dinner. Not a fair fight considering these ducks can't dive or fly away.

A nearly frozen over pond in Bountiful, with domestic ducks having nowhere to go.


Avian botulism is a huge problem here in Utah. Man-made local ponds do not have enough flow, and the water quality is awful.

Botulism breakouts happen at these ponds every year and we lose hundreds of ducks. They usually drown from the paralysis the botulism causes.

Poor Nutrition

Many ducks will suffer from angel wing. A condition from not getting proper nutrition and being fed too much bread. IT's not treatable.


Many females suffer leg injuries, or are stripped of feathers bleeding from overmating. On a farm, people should have 3-4 females to one male. Because of this we see an abundance of males dumped at ponds causing the females left to be injured.

Special Needs

We find special need domestic ducks dumped all the time. Blind, leg problems, birth defects. They need special care because they are extremely susceptible to death if in the wild.



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