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Major Duck Rescue in Orem

OREM: In October 2021, Orem City officials drained Neilson Grove Park as they do every winter to prevent people from going on the ice, and normally refill it after the winter season.

This year, the pond has yet to be refilled because city officials are hopeful the ducks will “fly away”.

Like many other ponds across the Wasatch Front, the Neilson Grove Park Pond has become a dumping ground for unwanted pet ducks and geese. These are domesticated birds that cannot fly, leaving these birds stranded with no food and water. These domesticated birds just like cats, and dogs rely on humans for safety, water, and food support.

If not dying from dehydration, the stranded ducks also became targets of human harassment. Many birds have suffered broken wings, leg, and foot injuries. The birds have also been wandering into neighbor's yards desperate to try to find water.

Wasatch Wanderers made many attempts to resolve this issue, but it wasn’t until new Public Service Division manager Tyler Peay came into his position that Wasatch Wanderers received a callback.

Wasatch Wanderers now has permission to rescue the more than 50 remaining ducks and get them to foster or forever homes while being conscious of Avian Flu.

Orem City has also agreed to put up signage at the pond educating the public on the illegal act of domestic animal abandonment, in hopes to prevent this problem from happening again.

In the meantime, Orem City has been providing water for the ducks in troughs to help prevent further deaths.

Please join us for this massive undertaking of a rescue.

Where: Neilson Grove Park, 1931 S. Sandhill Rd. Orem UT 84058

When: Wednesday, June 15th at 5:30pm

For interviews, please contact: Adison Smith (928) 814-6782,



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