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About Us


What We Do

We focus primarily on rescuing injured dumped domestic ducks or any in immediate danger.  Once they are better, we look for forever, safe homes for them but there are hard to find. We feed at local ponds to help sustain them during winter. We also advocate to farm stores, local city/county leadership, and state legislators to help fix the systemic problem.

Who We Are

I'm RaeAnn, an animal lover!

I never thought I would be the one to help hundreds of ducks, but once I learned there are no resources for domestic ducks and geese, I had to help.


Join the Cause

-Want to adopt? Don't shop. There are so many ducks at ponds that need homes.

-Can't adopt? Want to foster? Fosters are always needed, especially during Spring when we get dumped domestic ducks.

-For the adoption/fostering app, click here.

-We always need help with volunteers, people who can -rescue and transport, or help feed the ducks.

-Donations are always accepted and will be used for duck rescue, or vet bills.

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